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Hauptforum Forum: CoD4 Server Thread: Zombie Mod Alpha X12
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About the Mod:

The mod is basically a zombie game type where you have to survive as long as you can, killing AI zombies which come in
waves of your choice. Thats right Zombie bots.

So how do you play and customize

As you have the mod, with your own server or locally, you have full customization on the mod. Basically player have to
survive from the zombie invasion, which the mod is entirely based on. There are waves which zombies will swarm the map
and try to eat you, each wave the number of zombies increase, making it harder for the player. between each wave, theres
a grace period (when its safe and all zombies are eliminated from the wave that just took place) there are depots which
spawn on the map which regenerates your ammo, and gives you time to hide somewhere else. however, if zombies kill all the
players, game over! Additionally most of the game settings are changable such as the zombies per wave; number of waves
and grace time. Including much more such as zombie strength/speed. Look down to "Changable settings"


* Waves of angry zombies
* Single Player & Custom Weapons
* Custom Rank System
* Ability for admins to use custom music
* Custom HUD
* Anti Camp System
* Custom Pickup System
* Custom Menu
* Night / Day settings
* Custom vision settings
* 1st / 3rd person views
* Custom Server messages and kill spree messages
* Differant wave settings
* Custom admin features
* Trader menu
* Ammo Drops
* AC130 25mm Chaingun Hardpoint
* AC130 40mm Cannon Hardpoint
* AC130 105mm Cannon Hardpoint
* Napalm Airstrike as well as normal Airstrike
* Nuke
* Tesla Support Cannon
* Blackhawk Support Chopper
* Artillery Cannon
* Apache Helicopter Support
* Player Death messages
* option for admins have a Mod ban list for Pure Humiliation whenever a banned player spawns
* Option for a Special Admin Weapon
* Admin Messages whenever Spawn
* Advertising Box
* Berserk Mode
* Squads Menu
* Custom player Health
* Last stand will Work
* Concrete Saw
* Crossbow
* Throwing Knives
* Mapvote

* The Custom Weapons are back:
* Special 1 = Brick_blaster_mp
* Special 2 = Artillery_mp
* Special 3 = Radar_mp
* Special 4 = Briefcase_bomb_mp
* Special 5 = Briefcase_bomb_defuse_mp

* Berserk Weapon = Souledge = Defaultweapon_mp

changes from X11:

* Witches are now able to spawn as well as test zoms
* Nurses have been Brought back from Alpha_X6
* End of wave Boss zom: recommend turning off the Makrons during waves but isnt essential
* Last stand works
* Ac130 has been fixed no more taking all the players weapons
* Berserker mode: the player will get double HP and Turn into Nightmare with Souledge as there Primary weapon

* Smoke Grenades have been replaced with a Crossbow
* Flashbangs have been replaced with Throwing Knives
* Concussion Grenades (Stun) have been replaced with a Concrete Saw
* Tesla has the Wunderwaffe DG2 model + animations
* 357 Magnum has a Raging Bull model rather than the WW2 model
* Revamped the Trader weapon you should be able to buy and sell every weapon you have except the Crossbow, Souledge, Concrete Saw and throwing knives

* Special Weapons have been put back in but they are not called special1_mp, Special2_mp... etc as i hit the weapon file limit

Special 1 = Brick_blaster_mp
Special 2 = Artillery_mp
special 3 = Radar_mp
Special 4 = Briefcase_bomb_mp
Special 5 = Briefcase_bomb_defuse_mp
Souledge = Defaultweapon_mp

* i also added a Syrette for Last stand Revivals to make it look more realistic (not been tested).

* you may buy the Napalm, Airstrike and Apache from the Trader

* when Berserker mode is online when it times out it will randomise ur model depending on ur weapon before you went into Berserk mode.

* The Blackhawk should work properly

the Crossbow and Concrete saw have unlimited ammo reloads, You cannot Sprint with the Con Saw
and there is a 2 second cooldown with the saw to stop glitching with it the Tesla is no longer Rapidfire to reduce Lag and glitching but the damage has been raised to compensate

* AC130 105mm has been added and the Lag issue has been fixed

* the Nuke has been amped up too emulate the one in MW2 but you choose where to place it there is a 10 second delay before it goes off it will Kill Everything on the map and End the Game with an Allied Victory.

* the God Dvar has been disabled so when an admin turns on server Cheats no more being Gay and going God or Demigod

* admins can still get GOD mode when you respawn from the Blackhawk or AC130 it will start Spawn protection to protect you from being Spawn Raped.

* the Artillery has been redone so when you go up the Zoms will ignore you so no more gathering under the player and getting Raped by a Makron when you come down

* Some of the Weapons have been rebalanced for X12 the Desert Dragon being one of them and the Modded one was added to the Special Weapons menu under Desert Dragon XIX you now have to earn it

* the Max rank is still 65 but it is now Extremely hard to level up as it requires 985000 XP per level from 56 onwards this should hopefully show how commited you are as it takes ages to level up from 56 to 57 etc.

* due to a lot of these Changes mp_crash_snow and Mp_crash no longer run due to Xmodel limit

Custom Gamemodes

Onslaught: Infinite Waves each wave is incrementaly longer
Survival: Normal BTD gametype

Custom weapons (X10 onwards)

M9 Beretta: Glock 18C
HK USP: .44 Magnum (Ragin Bull)
Colt M1911: Desert Eagle Black
Desert Eagle Chrome: Colt m1911 Tactical
Desert Eagle Gold: Desert Dragon XIX

M16A4: M4A1
AK-47: AK-47 MW2 style
M4 Carbine: SCAR-H Foregrip
M14: Steyr Aug
MP44: XR2

AKS-74u: AK108
Mini Uzi: Mosin Nagant
Skorpion: Thompson Sub Machine Gun
P90: LR300

M40A3: Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper
M21: M14 EBR
SVD Dragunov: Zastava M76
Remington 700: M1 Garand
Barrett .50: Barrett M82 .50 BMG

Winchester1200: Spas 12

M60E4: Minigun

Custom Zombies:

Makron: The Makron from Quake IV the Ultimate Challenge on a server should be set with a recommended of at least 50K HP
Test Zombie: The stock Zombie from BTD interchangeable with the Witch
Witch: The Witch from L4D quite Weak unless allowed to spawn in large Quantities
Nurse: Zombie Nurse from L4D Weak unless allowed to spawn in Vast Quantities

Custom Player Models:

Assault:??? Zoey (L4D)
Spec Ops:??? Captain Price
Heavy Gunner:??? Velinda (Cobra Pilot from COD4 SP)
Demolitions:??? Jenny (Vampire The masquerade Bloodlines)
Sniper:??? ??? The Masterchief (Halo)
Admins 1/2:??? Tourrette (Vampire The masquerade Bloodlines)
Admins 3-30:??? Raven (My custom Oblivion Character)
Berserk:??? Nightmare

Changeable settings:
* zombie health
* zombie damage
* Zombie Speed
* Zombie Spawn speed
* Gametype
* wave settings
* grace time
* night / day
* vision settings
* message settings
* pickup settings
* admin settings
* ingame menu
* music settings
* Hardpoint Killstreaks

+ many more

Current known issues:

* zombies will sometimes get out of map
- fix - dont let players camp near edge of maps

* the Nuke may sometimes ban players
- fix - turn off the Nuke

* the blackhawk sometimes gets stuck
- fix - Turn off the Blackhawk

* zombies somtimes go under the map
- fix - undermap timer, if zombies are under the map for more than 10 seconds they will respawn

* zombies walk through some walls
- fix -? dont camp on top of them, redone some more waypoints, some of this is related to how the map is made.

* few maps wont work due to lack of waypoint files
- fix - create waypoint files ect for new maps

* few maps dont work due to Xmodel limits
-Fix - remove them from the map rotation


I Hate Bunny Hoppers!!!!

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